Clear your doubts

TIMWE Ventures is finishing the internal and administrative processes, in order to receive all applications successfully. Soon, this option will be available and you’ll have the chance to be one of the Startups supported by TIMWE Ventures.
To submit your Start-up application you must use the application form, which will be available at this website soon, and attach your Startup presentation (.pdf). We recommend you to follow every required guideline of the application form.
Our screening process starts the moment you apply at our website. If you’re selected, you’ll receive an invitation to attend a meeting with us to discuss future opportunities for your project.
Your Startup can go from a conception phase to an already working phase. We are flexible, in order to help your project growth and be developed.
You should send your Startup application in a PDF file, which can contain text, multimedia content and links to external content.
We are looking for innovative Startups, essentially working on technological solutions for the following areas: IOT, Mobile Payments and Financial Services, Digital Healthcare, Education Tech, Consumer Commerce, Food Tech, Home Assistance and Tourism & Leisure.
We will discuss with every company where we can add more value, where we can help them grow.
We will look into every application, but may not give feedback to all the candidates. If you’re not contacted by us, then this means that your startup is currently not the right fit for the TIMWE Ventures project. We politely ask you to understand that we’ll contact selected companies only.